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Risk Assessment

Identify, evaluate and prioritize risk in every process involved in your bussiness.

Psychosocial Factors

Evaluate psychosocial risks in your bussiness.

Preventive Tools

Verify on site the deployment state of your critical controls using simple tools.


Get to know the performance of your risk management and report your incidents.

Action Plan Creation

Plan and measure the risk management associated task’s compliance level.

Skill Development

Manage your workers’ skill set level.

Document Management

Manage manuals and work procedure related to your business’ operation.

Incident Management

Investigate yourA�accidents’ causes andA�implement improvements in orderA�toA�avoid future occurrences.

Key Features


100% Web-based

LifeOnA�is a web-based software, which means that it is accesible from any location, on any device.A�The 24/7 availability of our serviceA�is our top priority.A�Support is available via ticket system 24/7 and telephone operators under working hours.


Each Life Ona��s module is designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of your company,A�making your processes safer and more reliable.

Security & Backup

Each of our modules stores your informationA�in a safe and reliable way, since we knowA�the value and importance of this information to our clients.

Quality of Service

CustomerA�satisfaction is our main concern. We want to offerA�a high quality service, that meets yourA�companya��s demands.

Risk Management Process

  • Diagnose: in this phase an analysis in culture and security management of the company is made to know its state of maturity.
  • Planning: In this phase is defined the timetable, resources, roles and responsibilities, and the action plan to be implemented is validated.
  • Hazard Identification: In this phase all the events that could originate accidents in each process and/or area of the company are recognized, whether they are from the company’s personnel or collaborating companies.
  • Risk Assessment: In this phase the causes and impact of the events that originate accidents are assessed.
  • Control Definition: In this phase the controls are defined; and a hierarchy and criticality level are established.
  • Standard Design for Critical Controls’ performance: In this phase a design and operation mode for each control is established so it is effective and sustainable.
  • In-site control implementation: In this phase the control is put up in the workplaces.
  • In-site control verification: In this phase the existence of the in-site control and its level of implementation is verified.
  • Reporting: In this phase the in-site findings are reported, and the risk's state and control level is established.
  • Improvement: In this phase the improvement projects are implemented to make sure that the risks are always under control.
  • Task Planning: In this phase all the maneuvers and interactions needed are defined, timelines and resources are established so the task can be performed correctly.
  • Risk Analysis: In this phase risks in workplace are identified and the existence of their occurrence-preventing or impact-mitigating critical controls is verified. The execution of a task can be stopped at the absence of any of these controls.
  • Safe Task's Performance: In this phase, the task is executed according to the defined planning and with the presence of the already established critical controls. Note: If and accident occurs during the development of the task it must be reported and the causes that originated the accident must be investigated so you learn the lesson and avoid the repetition of a similar event.
  • Task closure: In this phase the closure or ending of the activity occurs, it is verified that there doesn’t exist or are left any unsafe conditions, and feedback that could improve the execution of new similar tasks is provided.



Safety ClubA�is a community of companies and proffesionals that has come together with the dream of building a colaborative groupA�to create a safety culture with a preventive-proactive approach at a national and international level. Our objective is to make workplaces a space free of accidents and occupational disseases.


logos fundacion trabajo seguro-cliente

FundaciA?n Trabajo SeguroA�is a nonprofit organization which purpose is to help and provide psychological, moral and economic support to the families of the workers that have lost their lives in an occupational accident.

smart people-cliente

Smart People is a Technical Trainning Organization with whom you can benefit with the SENSE franchise to generate new skills in the company’s employees and organizations associated to the club.

Our Clients

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  • G-Samart
  • Safety Club
  • Fundación Trabajo Seguro
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“LifeOn is the risk management tool that every company has to get, since it allows you to perform effective, simple and low-cost in-site preventive tasks”.

“Since I signed up to LifeOn, I started to manage my company’s risks in a practical and familiar way. This is a excelent software package available to all kinds of companies regardless of their size”.